Duncan's Greatest Hits and The Best Present of All - DVD

Duncan's Greatest Hits and The Best Present of All

In Duncan's greatest role, the incredible, singing, wise-cracking donut narrates highlights from some of his greatest moments in front of a camera. Featuring live action and new 3-D animated segments, Duncan personally picked these selections from previously released material to bring your kids laughing and singing along.

Join The Donut Repair Club as they return to The Celebration House to present a play about the very first Christmas. The old familiar carols and festive new kid's Christmas songs provide a delightful way to learn that God gave us "The Best Present of All" when He gave us Jesus, and now like the wisemen, we too, can give our "Best Present" back unto Jesus.

Price: $12.95

Video Clips:

  1. "Duncan's Greatest Hits" Sampler
  2. "The Best Present of All" Sampler

One DVD, Two Stories

This DVD is a combination of two formerly VHS products. A description of each film now follows:

Duncan's Greatest Hits

Duncan is quite proud of his starring role in the Donut Repair Club; in a humble way, of course. From the greatest to the yeast, the following songs are personally introduced by yours truly: "HiYa HiYa", "The Mustard Seed", "Zaccheus", "Become As A Child"; plus the silly old and sillier new routines as Duncan waxes eloquent.

The Best Present of All

When the Donut Man suggests that the theme of the Christmas play could be the gifts that we all can bring Jesus, little Katie is embarrassed as she compares her home-made gift with the more expensive, store-bought gifts. But in the end, she is reassured that in the same way that Jesus gave her the best present of all, His love, she has returned that gift with the best present she could give to God, the gift of herself. Songs include: "O Come All Ye Faithful", "Joy to the World", "Gentle Mary, Humble Mary", "What Can I Give?", "You Are the Lamb of God", "The Best Present of All", and "Happy Birthday, Jesus". Our "Christmas CD-plus" gives you all of these songs in stereo & split-track; in addition to the script; so that you can be equipped to perform this as a live Christmas play in your church! Find it on our CD page.