What's new? Check out "When God Spoke" and, for CatholicKids "Massterpiece Donut Shop": Two new CD's with lots of new songs!

Welcome to the CD's section of Our CD titles are available as either a standard stereo audio CD or CD Plus, the latter include stereo and split tracks plus sheet music. You can also find performance scripts for the Christmas DVD ("Best Present of All") and also the Easter DVD, ("Resurrection Celebration"). Please click on an album cover below to see more detail, listen to sample songs and to order.

A personal note from Rob: "To me the Bible is the source for Scripture-based stories. Why not present the songs as you would your own 'musical family photo album'? You'll feel a kinship with "Uncle Noah, Father Abraham, Uncle David, Mother Mary, and Brother Lord Jesus”, etc., as examples of our Faith. I try to present God as someone we can know personally, experientially; as someone who has reached out to us faithfully from one generation to the next. Many of my songs are written from that perspective, using ‘Call and Response’, hand-motions, sound-effects; any creative techniques to make the songs memorable. My series with Integrity Music is called, "Songs That Teach, Songs That Praise", to explain the way each album is grouped by a word-picture that describes God, like a King, or a Farmer, a Builder or a Shepherd. We then go back and forth between songs that teach, to songs that praise, in order to engage both your mind and your heart". Now, click on the play buttons and give my songs a listen. Enjoy!

Rob Evans, The Donut Man


When God Spoke
Massterpiece Donut Shop
"Paul in a Basket" CD: Musical Adventure For Kids:
Angels to the Rescue
Friends Forever
Donut Forget Bible Songs - Volume 1 - Scripture Songs
Donut Forget Bible Songs - Volume 2 - Scripture Songs
King of Kings: "Just For Kids"
Praise Him: "Just For Kids"
Follow the Leader: "Just For Kids"
Wonderfully Made: "Just For Kids"
God's Army: "Just For Kids"
Good News: "Just For Kids"
I'm A Helper: "Just For Kids"
Good Shepherd: "Just For Kids"
Master Builder: "Just For Kids"
Life Saver: "Just For Kids"
Love Letter: "Just For Kids"
The Farmer: "Just For Kids"
With All My Heart: "Just For Kids"
Donut Hole 1: Musical
Donut Hole 2: Musical

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CD Plus (Stereo & Split Tracks plus Sheet Music)

"Paul in a Basket" CD-Plus: Musical Adventure For Kids
Christmas: Best Present of All ( CD Plus ) + Script + Best Present Sheet Music
King of Kings ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
Praise Him ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
Follow the Leader ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
Wonderfully Made ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
God's Army ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
Good News ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
I'm A Helper ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
Good Shepherd ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
Master Builder ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
Life Saver ( CD Plus ): "Just For Kids"
Love Letter ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
The Farmer ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
With All My Heart ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"
Donutman Originals: Bible Parables ( CD Plus )
Donutman Originals: Bible Friends ( CD Plus )
Donutman Originals: Bible Tails ( CD Plus )
Donutman Originals: Shout Hosanna ( CD Plus )
Donutman Originals: Look to the Ant ( CD Plus )
Resurrection Celebration ( CD Plus ) Stereo, Split track, sheet music & Script

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