Donut Hole 1 &  Donut Hole 2 - DVD

Donut Hole 1 & Donut Hole 2

The first Donut Repair Club videos! "The Donut Man", "Duncan", the singing and talking donut, and the kids from the "Donut Repair Club" are introduced for the very first time. Includes "Donut Hole 1": "Jesus Shows Us God's Love" and "Donut Hole 2": "Jesus Helps Us Share God's Love". "Donut Hole 1" presents the Gospel, opening with John the Baptist's words, "Behold the Lamb of God". "Donut Hole 2" has evangelization as the theme, and sings it's way through the Book of Acts.

Price: $12.95

Video Clips:

  1. "Donut Hole 1" Sampler
  2. "Donut Hole 2" Sampler

One DVD, Two Stories

This DVD is a combination of two formerly VHS products. A description of each film now follows:

Donut Hole 1

The original "Donut Man & Duncan" video. See where it all started! "Jesus Shows Us God's Love". The Donut Repair Club sings and acts their way through Bible stories that present the Gospel with the following songs: "Behold the Lamb of God", "The Donut Song", "The Good Samaritan", "God's Love is the Rule", "There's a Hole in My Roof", "It's Not Fair" (The Prodigal's Brother), "Jesus Showed Us God's Love", "Proud Prayer, Humble Prayer", "Zaccheus", "The Unforgiving Servant".

Donut Hole 2

The second Donut Man and Duncan video; "Jesus Helps Us Share God's Love". Picking up where the first video ends, stories and themes from the Book of Acts are highlighted with live-action song, dance, puppets and stories. Songs include: "Good News", "They Had to Wait" (Pentecost), "Ananias, Don't Be Late" (Paul on the Road to Damascus", "Paul in a Basket", "You're Not the Only One Who Says Grace", "The Donut Song", "Song of the Poor", "Boys and Girls on a Mission", "Earthquake" (Paul and Silas in Jail), "The Gospel is Not in Chains", (Paul's Last Words). The kids are taught with inspirational stories of faith, and then return to the world inspired to share the Good News!