Donut All-Stars And At The Zoo - DVD

Donut All-Stars And At The Zoo

The "Donut All-Stars" has lots of action and aerobics as The Donut Man and friends form a baseball team to take on the fearsome "Mighty Warriors". They deal with discouragement through prayer,praise and practice. A child of divorce also finds comfort in the arms of "Daddy God".

This platinum-selling video presents The Donut Repair Club meeting at the zoo to enjoy God's creation, where we learn that God is our heavenly "zoo-keeper"! And He wants us to take care of the world and the people in it; especially the members of our own family! A big brother learns to take care of his little brother and sister as we sing.

Price: $12.95

Video Clips:

  1. "Donut All-Stars" Sampler
  2. "At The Zoo" Sampler

One DVD, Two Stories

This DVD is a combination of two formerly VHS products. A description of each film now follows:

The Donut All-Stars

God will never kick you off His team! Unconditional love and healthy competition are explored with great fun with the following songs: "The Bicycle Song", "The Victory Song", "David and Goliath", "Don't Be Afraid", "In His Arms"

At The Zoo

"Am I my brother's keeper? (And my sister's too?)" "At the Zoo", we learn that the answer to that question is "Yes!" Songs include, "In Him We Live and Move", "O-B-E-Y", ""I'm So Wonderfully Made", "Home, Sweet Home", "More and More Like Jesus", "Aha!Lelujah!"