After School And The Repair Shop - DVD

After School And The Repair Shop

The Donut Man, Duncan and Mary are invited to start a new branch of the Donut Repair Club "After School", at a Christian academy where some of the students need extra tutoring in character development. Faith in God, honesty, respect for authority and God's Word, wholesome speech and good work habits are reinforced through scripture-based songs.

At "The Repair Shop", kids learn the basics of salvation as they fix broken toys and broken hearts. The 'Donut Babies' giggle and a brand new character, 'Loafer the Living Bread' is introduced to help us learn our scripture verses. At the conclusion, a visitor to the Club, Josie, prays tenderly as she seeks a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Price: $12.95

Video Clips:

  1. "After School" Sampler
  2. "The Repair Shop" Sampler

One DVD, Two Stories

This DVD is a combination of two formerly VHS products. A description of each film now follows:

After School

Precious relationships that have been injured through rebellion and harshness are restored with love, joy, and Scriptures-in-song; With titles like "LoveLetter", "Look to the Ant", "Zaccheus", "The Widow's Lost Coin", "According to Thy Word", "Jesus Sees", "The Prodigal's Party". See reconciliation presented at a child's level!

The Repair Shop

Here we learn that Jesus is the 'heavenly repair-man' who uses us as instruments of His peace and healing. As Josie's doll is repaired, our relationship with God and one another is 'repaired' with songs and actions that teach; "God is the Master Builder", "The Pearl: (We Are God's Treasure)", "Laughing and Leaping/Rise Up and Walk", "The Two Houses/ (Sand vs. Rock)", "I've Been Redeemed", "II Cor. 5:17: A New Creation", "My Father's House (Has Many Rooms)".