Praise Him ( CD Plus ) :

Praise Him ( CD Plus ) : "Just For Kids"

This CD Plus product features Stereo and Split Tracks as well as Sheet Music. By turning the balance knob, on our stereo, or using your mixer in church, you can tune out the words, and turn up the music for your own sing along performance. These split-tracks are created for you by special order.

Price: $14.95

Track listing and audio samples:

  1. Children, Children
  2. God Became a Baby Boy
  3. Jesus Was a Child Like Me
  4. I'm Glad I Live in a House
  5. Bath Song
  6. With All My Heart
  7. Scripture Memory Verse
  8. Become as a Child
  9. Make Your Dad Glad
  10. Lost Coin
  11. Cast Your Burden (Hiya Hiya)